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Welcome to Kotarba Design by Marek Kotarba. An independent interdisciplinary artist, ceramist, sculptor, painter, drawer and graphic artist, who lives and works in Warsaw. He studied sculpture in the studio of prof. Ludwika Nitschowa. A graduate of the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw. Received a diploma in the studio of prof. Antoni Fałat and prof. Barbara Szubińska. Studied drawing under the direction of Franciszek Starowieyski and Wiktor Zin.

Kotarba Design. Reaching out to international community. The artist is as good as his distribution. For decades, Marek Kotarba has been showing his works worldwide: from the Ceramics Museum in Faenza, Italy, to small galleries in France or private collectors in USA/Canada.

2021 update: Looking for galerries to partner with.
We are currently looking for independent galleries to show Marek Kotarba works of art in: Paris, Tokyo, New York, Melbourne and Montreal. Working with us is not just fun with the legendary Marek's sense of humour - it can be financially rewarding as well. We are open to other ideas for promotion - just contact us at

London, UK - we are represented by Mallhattan LTD. ( as of February 2021) Our UK virtual gallery and a shop is located at

Marek kotarba's works are to be found in many countries worldwide


"My art is very mine and ambiguous. By showing my work I want to establish a dialogue with the recipient, arouse emotions, positive or negative, I don't care what ... And at the same time I really care about what these emotions will be! Because I create with some thought. And like every artist, I care about the recipient, especially one who understands the sense of search and this art paradox ".

Marek Kotarba

Artysta interdyscyplinarny, ceramik, rzeźbiarz, malarz, rysownik i grafik.

You can order painting, portrait, kotarban or sculpture on individual order. Contact us to arrange the details.

Malarstwo, obrazy


I offer image making in various techniques. Dry Pastel and Acrylic are my favorites. I will also make Kotarban – a combination of acrylic painting with a white porcelain bas-relief.

Kotarbany, rzeźby, rzeźbiarstwo, malarstwo, ceramika

Painting theater

Author’s meeting with me during which a picture will be created in front of you or we will paint it together.

rzeźby, rzeźbiarstwo, porcelana, ceramika


I would like to make a sculpture made of bronze or ceramic – chamotte or porcelain
The choice of material depending on the function, size and destination, environment.

obrazy, malarstwo

Sketch / Drawing / Graphics

I will be happy to make a sketch, drawing or graphic for you. There may be different techniques.

ikona ceramika


I will decorate occasional dinner services, coffee sets, cakes set, single dishes with or without monograms, on our own or entrusted porcelain. I offer advice in this area.

Marek Kotarba jest niezależnym artystą interdyscyplinarnym, ceramikiem, rzeźbiarzem, malarzem, rysownikiem i grafikiem.

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